Over the 15 years that we've been in the web hosting business, Anu has developed a long list of satisfied customers. We invite you to explore a handful of Anu success stories here.

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Our clients' privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We have therefore excluded identities from our success stories. If you would like to contact one or more of our clients for a referral, we would be happy to provide their information to you personally. Please get in touch.

A SaaS provider host their app on Anu Managed Virtual Servers. From time to time the Lasso app server would crash, and the customer was unable to track down the fault. The customer called on Anu to assist with isolating whether the problem was related to a resource shortage, platform instability, or code base. Anu provided monitoring tools and a debugger system and within 24 hours the problem was isolated to a specific piece of code which the customer was able to easily patch. The app is now stable.

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Load Balancing
A consumables retailer started their e-commerce operations from a shared hosting account at Anu. As their online business started to take off, the load quickly outgrew the resources of a shared account. A short time later, even a dedicated server was struggling to cope at peak times. Anu deployed multiple servers in 2 datacenters providing scalable, highly available hosting and disaster recovery systems for both their web sales and their call center operators. Anu have provided the technical expertise and support they required to scale up as their needs grew.

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Managed Virtual Servers
An online retailer of collectibles wanted to integrate credit card processing directly into their redesigned web site. Along with a full validation SSL certificate, this necessitated the implementation of PCI-DSS security standards and passing a 3rd party vulnerability scan. Anu provided them with a managed server and the consulting services necessary for them to pass the security scan. Their new store has been securely accepting credit card payments for over a year.

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Hosted Email
A London based broadcast equipment supplier required an email provider with the ability to offer service above the norm. With fixed and mobile staff regularly in contact with clients in Africa and the Middle East, careful attention was required to ensure minimal disruption due to blacklists or spam filters. Anu are able to offer the service and end user support which meet and exceed expectations, enabling problem free communication.

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Web Hosting
A London borough put together an informational website to showcase arts and events in their council area. They required a hosting platform which provided ample capacity and functionality, that could be relied on in the long term, and that was frugal with taxpayer's funds. Anu provide an economically priced shared hosting account which has provided a high level of uptime over many years.

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Domain Names and DNS
An Irish events organiser needed a partner to offer domain registration services for upcoming conferences and events. With events across Europe, knowledge of the registration requirements and processes of various top-level domains was essential. Anu are able to offer timely and efficient registration services, allowing the event organiser to focus on event planning.

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Secure server
A current political party required a hosting service for their public-facing informational and campaign sites. The service had to be as secure as possible to prevent malicious intruders defacing sites or gaining access to sensitive information. Anu provided a secure server solution utilising whole disk encryption, active firewalling, OS hardening and active monitoring of security logs and firewalling. Tight access controls ensure only authorised personnel are able to gain access to files and services relevant to their needs. The result is a technical and structural security policy that allows the party to focus on broadcasting their message without constantly worrying about hackers.

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