Managed Virtual Servers

Anu Managed Virtual Servers are powered by CentOS Linux on the Xen virtualization platform, with root access and fully managed infrastructure. We take care of the tedious aspects of running a server, so you can get on with being productive.

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Our standard server image is CentOS 6 x86_64. Each server is configured to meet customer requirements.

We can provide preconfigured servers with common software stacks such as a standard LAMP environment, Tomcat, WebDNA 6, Lasso 8.6 or 9, DNS, SMTP or database servers, or popular hosting control panels such as Virtualmin or DirectAdmin. Simply contact us with your requirements.

Self Service Portal
Our self service portal provides you with the tools you need as a VM operator. No special software required, all you need is a Web browser. The portal automatically loads a mobile optimized theme when accessed via iPhone or Android devices, providing quick and easy access to commonly used functions. Features include:

High Performance
Unthrottled gigabit Ethernet connections, unrestricted CPU bursting, dedicated ECC memory and fast RAID storage are combined with precision architecture engineering and a bespoke hardware platform to create the ideal environment for virtual server hosting. We monitor the performance of our systems 24/7 and are always looking for ways to optimise and increase performance. We know how important performance is in providing successful internet services.

We manage software updates so your OS is always up to date with the latest bug fixes and security patches. Virtual Servers are provisioned with a default restrictive firewall, which we'll manage for you to make sure only legitimate ports are open to the public.

For customers with multiple Virtual Servers, we will provide a separate private IP network for inter-server communication which is physically segregated from the public IP network. This means you don't need to send inter-server connections over the public network.

To further enhance your server security, take advantage of our VPN service which provides encrypted remote access to our private IP networks. You can then restrict administrative services such as SSH and FTP so they cannot be reached from the public Internet.

Automated backup
Fully automated, consistent backups are run daily to on-site dedicated backup systems. A 3 day history is retained, allowing system restoration to a known good state even if the problem is not immediately identified.

Off-site backups and data archiving services are available on request. Contact us for more information.


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