Support & Consulting

Our support & consulting services are not just for those with a big budget. Our wide ranging expertise and competitive hourly rates allow you to take advantage of our services for even the smallest project.

Installation Support
Standard CentOS images are provided which include a standard LAMP configuration suitable for most use cases.

If you require a more customized configuration or additional software installation, save time and money by getting it right the first time. Our professional operating system and software stack installation service will get you up and running expediently.

Upgrade Support
Major version upgrades are inevitable, even when running an enterprise distribution like CentOS Linux with its 5 year support cycle. To ease the burden and minimize disruption, our strategy is to deploy a new virtual server with the latest OS release to allow the customer to migrate data from the old server to the new. This method leaves plenty of time to plan the migration and test the new system, so you don't run into any nasty surprises when you go live. We offer our customers complementary overlap time for this type of upgrade and are on hand to offer consulting and support services when required to aid in a smooth upgrade process.

Migration Support
Do you have a large or complex system that you would like to migrate to Anu from in-house servers or from another provider? We can help with configuration and data migration services.

Migration Consulting
Moving to a new platform, whether a version upgrade or an entirely new system, can be a complex process. This often involves tasks such as moving directory structures from one server to another, moving databases and synchronisation tasks. When the time comes to flip the switch, you need a plan to make sure the transition goes smoothly and a fallback in case it doesn't. We have years of experience with migrations like this and can help ensure a smooth migration with migration consulting services.

Security Consulting
Here at Anu we host a number of security sensitive customers including government, political, e-commerce and sites of a controversial nature. We know what it takes to keep a Linux server secure, and we're on hand to provide planning, implementation and monitoring services for security sensitive sites.

Performance Consulting
Time is money, and in the world of e-commerce this means faster load times = more money. It is common industry knowledge that slow sites lead to abandoned carts. There are dozens of factors which impact page load time, some of which must be addressed by the web developer, and some of which can be improved by thoughtful design and configuration of the server and network infrastructure. Our performance consulting service will analyze end to end performance of your site and make recommendations on how to optimize load times.