About Anu

Since 1997, Anu Internet Services has been dedicated to providing our clients with hosting solutions tailored to meet individual requirements and budgets.

Company profile
Anu Internet Services Limited is registered at St Brandon's House, 29 Great George St, Bristol BS1 5QT, United Kingdom. Our company number is 5448643 and our VAT registration number is GB850626823

We are a privately held company incorporated in 2005.

Anu clients
Our client base consists mainly of small to medium-sized businesses. Many of our clients are Web developers and IT professionals who have chosen to outsource the hosting element of their business to us. Others have in-house IT personnel who have chosen to utilise our hosting expertise in order to free up their valuable time. Read about Anu success stories.

Our client base spans 4 continents and 20 timezones - a truly diverse group of clients we are proud to serve.